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Stop severe bleeding! Save lives!

Severe arterial bleeding can cause death in 3-5 minutes (5 being very generous). You will loose contentiousness in 90 seconds or less. So my point being, carry medical equipment for things that will kill you the fastest. Bleeding will be at the top of that list and with studies showing that 90% of improvised tourniquets DO NOT WORK, please take the time and money to carry proper equipment. The RATS, Sishman, and now the new ETQ-W we carry are excellent EDC options that are hardly noticeable and that WORK! Please don't fall victim to bleeding out and don't let anyone around you fall victim to it either! Get the training and carry the equipment! Please take the time and watch the FREE video I made on 3 ways to stop bleeding. It will get you heading in the right direction. Remember, Be an asset to those around you, not a liability. God bless!

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